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Thread: Differant IOS versions

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    Differant IOS versions

    I have modded my Wii, i am using neogamma R7 with CIOS R14, and i have also installed differant IOSs.

    My question is now what is the differance between CIOS and IOS. also do i need to install differant IOSs or there is some essential ones . If So what is needed to play all latest games.

    Also i need to know what is the latest versions of neogamma and CIOS that i need to install.


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    cIOS = Custom IOS

    IOS = Nintendo IOS

    rev 14 is the latest official Waninkoko cIOS but there are others such as Hermes which are used for Multiple USB device games, like the pretend music games.

    IOS are needed by games to run. The latest game IOS are IOS 38, 53, 55 and 56. If you use NUSD to obtain these you can bring your Wii right up to date simply by installing them using Wad manager.

    Neogamma is on r8 I believe, you may want to search to confirm this as I don't use the application.
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