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Thread: Can't go online anymore..

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    Can't go online anymore..

    Hi guys,

    I have a USA WII with Wiikey and have successsfully burnt and played many backup games on my system. I recently got MArio Kart and downloaded 3.2U update and the game plays fine, but I can no longer connect my Wii online. I am using the Nintendo WiFi USb connector and I hae been online with it many times since the mod. It has only stopped connecting since this most recent update. Could the update be preventing me from connecting? i have tried on several different occasions and the connection thing on my PC shows a very strong connection, but the message on the WIi always says unable to connect. Any thoughts?

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    Could the update be preventing me from connecting? ...negative

    does your weather or news channel work?

    can u still access the internet?...test by trying to do manual wii update ...even if u are already will come back with .,..,no more updates or something like that.....then your internet is ok.

    is it just mario kart that you can't get on-line with?.... if all the above checks out...the it's the mario kart servers..not your wii

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    No weather and news do not work. It is a straight connection issue, not game specific. Its not about playing online, its about connecting at all. I only mentioned the Mario Kart cause that is the last update I did before realizing that I could not connect anymore. I don't play online much or connect all the time.


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