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Thread: do i need to install the latest stuff, ???

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    do i need to install the latest stuff, ???

    hi guys, i use backup launcher 0.3g channel aswell as gamma 002 fix channel to play my backups. my system is on 4.1e and it was already soft modded when i bought it. how do i update these channels to the newer version or newer channels. any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance

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    Well if it still works for you then I see no reason to update anything. If your looking to just be up to date then all you would have to do is use AnyTitleDeleter to delete the custon channels [ie gamma and 002 fix] from your system [be careful to not delete any IOSs with ATD]. Then just go and get the new version of NeoGamma r8 with the 002 fix already enabled in it.
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    thanks alot freind


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