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Thread: WiiFlow HDD Setup

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    WiiFlow HDD Setup

    Sup Guys, just want to double check im doing things right with wiiflow .

    1. Just formatted my 400gb Hd with 2 partitions
    2. formatted partition 1 as fat32 20gig
    3. formatted partition 2 with WBFS manager 380gig
    4. Added my games through WBFS manager
    5. Copyed Wiiflow folder & Apps Folder to Partition 1

    Just to check have i done this in the right way before i plug it in the wii ???

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    It won't blow up or anything you know.

    You've got your partitions the wrong way around. Usually WBFS must be first.
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    I know it wont blow up lol im just sorting it out for the kids for xmas so im just prepering everything. all i done was format the drive and select 2 partitions done 1 20gb and the other 380gb does it really matter wich one comes first ????

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    Don't think it really matters what drives comes first as long as your marking the WBFS partition as primary and active and Plug your Wii HDD into the OUTERMOST USB PORT (lower or left USB port depending on Wii position)

    If your not sure how to do that check out this tutorial I found very helpful.


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