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Thread: USB Loader or DVD???

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    USB Loader or DVD???

    Hi all,

    Right i have just soft modded my wii which is on 4.0e using the superb tutorial. I have a couple of backup games on disc but am now thinking should i just get an external usb drive to play the games off.

    If i was to do this whats the process i would need to follow?

    I take it i would need the software on the wii for loading the games?

    Is there anything you need to do to the backup game files when you put them on the usb drive?

    Also can you just use a powered usb drive or is it better to use an externally powered one.


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    I would go with USB loading.....

    Search the forums for USB LOADER GX

    let me know if you cant find it...

    in my sig is dogeggs tutorial follow that one (best in my opinion) - all software is in the tutorial!!!

    and get your self a powered one (ac power)

    let me know if you need anything else

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    USB loading is better then Disc if u have both, as Wii read USB faster then disk and also you can easily manage the games on single hard disk

    1. You need to Formatt HDD with WBFS MANAGER
    2a. Install USB Loader on your Wii.
    For installing USB Loader GX follow this Guide
    2b. For USB Loader Setting Follow this Guide.
    3. Download Latest USB Loader GX (, 7.27 MB) Wad File Click Here
    I am using this File, and its working fine. To read more about USb loader Gx and latest version follow this link : News (USB Loader GX)

    Instead Of USb loader GX you can also use NeoGamma 7 or NeoGamma 8 Beta for playing games from USB HDD or DVD.
    You Can Install NeoGamma as WAD (Channel) on you Wii with the Help of WAD Manager also. To Download NeoGamma 8 R15 Beta Version (1.49 MB) Click Here


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