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Thread: Another usb loader question.

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    Another usb loader question.

    If i wanted to place the covers for the games in usb loader gx myself would i just make a folder called covers and then put covers in that, then one called disc and so on.
    Does this also aply to wii flow, also is there any TUTs on how to make wii flow do all the different views of the game covers, i watched a vid on utube and the disc art was displayed in various diff ways..

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    if your using GX usb loader it seeks the cover out,applys them and stores them for you. why do it maually

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    Wii flow does do the same also, but none of the cover downloads seem to work at the mo.
    And i dont seem th have that option in usb loader gx, nothing happens when i click on the box to download covers..


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