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Thread: Startpatch 4.1

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    Startpatch 4.1

    After looking into startpatch 4.1, I've found a bunch of places that list what it does, but I'm not quite sure exactly what each choice does. This is what can be changed and what I think it means in parentheses next to it. Please correct or explain further:


    Region free (makes wii console region free?)

    Region free channels (?)

    Region free channels sd card menu (?)

    skip update check ( stop each wii disk from installing an update?)

    No health check (removes the screen with the "press A" on it?)

    recovery menu press Y NGC-PAD 1rt port (?)

    Remove diag disc check (checks that each wii disk inserted works ok?)

    Force Disc Region (makes it ok to use any disk from any region?)

    Remove NoCopy Protection (allows backing up wii disks?)

    move disc channel (enables moving the disc channel from it's "permanent" spot in the upper left block in the menu)

    I've checked wiibrew and a few places, but I just want to verify my thinking.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Anybody with anything to add?


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