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Thread: Warning to WBFS MANAGER 3.0 USERS!

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    Angry Warning to WBFS MANAGER 3.0 USERS!

    I recently had ~10 .ISOs disappear from my storage/downloading HD at random times. I did a scan with NTFS Undelete and found 4 of the .ISOs, but they were unrecoverable. I was convinced that either I had some weird virus, my dumba-- roommate deleted them or .ISO gnomes were stealing them for ???? and PROFIT.

    Turns out, that the 'REMOVE FROM LIST' button in WBFS MANAGER 3.0 also removes the .ISO in question from the HD. Instant delete. They do not go to the RECYCLE BIN.

    Also, pressing the 'CLEAR' button has the nasty side effect of deleting ALL .ISOs in a directory, whether they were in the list or not. Every time I press the button while loading files from my root directory EVERYTHING is deleted. If I loaded files from a sub directory, they were only deleted once out of 5 attempts. While loading files from both root and sub directories, 'CLEAR' ALWAYS deletes the .ISOs in the root directory.

    I am not the only one with this issue, as there is an open issue for the 'REMOVE FROM LIST' problem @ WBFS Manager - View Issue #2655: Remove from list deletes iso

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    It just cleared out a folder when I closed the program. I had backups, so I didn't lose anything, but its becoming a pain in the a--. Am I the only one experiencing this? Can anyone suggest a good alternative to WBFS Manager?

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    This happened to me too. It was a pain in the arse, I had my backups on an 8GB usb, but decided I wanted to play Smash (which for some reason is like 7 gigs), so I cleared them from the USB, and they disappeared from my drive too.

    This is definitely a problem. Luckily, I've got a 750GB hard drive coming in, so I'll never have to worry about removing from list again.

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