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Thread: TOTALLY A NEWBIE....Lost, Confused, Frustrated..HELP Wii Hack Community

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    Unhappy TOTALLY A NEWBIE....Lost, Confused, Frustrated..HELP Wii Hack Community

    Ok...I'm a true VIRGIN to this as it comes...LOL..(to this Wii thing and hacking..I mean)..My Wii is a virgin never been touched (modded)..only problem is that I am updated to 4.2U. Can I do anything?

    What do I do first to not have it "brick" on that the right term? What is the very 1st thing I need to do? Help. I purchased the Wii in Christmas 2008.

    Over the weekend I heard and saw this softmod phenomenon as we were playing a softmod Wii and on its external HD at a friends house. How awesome is that?

    I went out bought 500G HD (is that enough you think?) and then a 2G SD card, gave it to him to have him load everything on the necessary pieces of media. He will be sending me the drives. Now I have been reading all over the net that this 4.2 upgrade may make it impossible to softmod the system. Is this true? I am so scared to do anything now.

    When I get the drives...what do I ultimatley have to do first?

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    Just follow the 4.2 guide in my signature and you'll be fine. It works like a champ if you follow it exactly.


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