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Thread: Getting Ready for USB loader, Questions.

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    Getting Ready for USB loader, Questions.

    I'm new here so please be patient.

    I have a soft modded 4.2u with HBC and DVDX installed. I have not yet installed bootmii, I only have the ios option for that. My intention is to run USB Loader GX (or similar?) with a USB HDD and rip my games directly from the wii to the HDD.

    I have not purchased the HDD yet, but I have a card reader with a Kingston SDHC 16gb card in it. According to the compatibility list on this site, the reader should work, I don't know if the card makes any difference. I plan on using this to test the setup before I purchase an HDD.

    I will install bootmii as an ios. One question about that, messie's 4.2 guide says to use the prepare the sd card option. Do I have to use this card as prepped forever or is it only necessary for the install?

    Should I install preloader next so if I have problems I can boot the wii directly to HBC? Will this work with bootmiiios vs. bootmiiboot2?

    I will follow messie's guide on this site and hopefully get USB Loader GX running.

    Hopefully no brick as my whole family uses the wii almost every day! If that happens I will have to buy a new one!

    One last question, if I were to purchase a used wii strictly for modding, which menu version should I look for that is easiest and most versitile for modding?


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    you need to follow the guide exactly step by step. then if you have a problem ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddgriffin View Post
    you need to follow the guide exactly step by step. then if you have a problem ask.

    I plan to.. just trying to prevent problems before I start. Thanks.


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