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    Us Question

    I do have one for now...

    I have System 4.2 in my new Wii that is for sure, I'm going to softmod it and am going to be using my external usb drive only, I'm not messing around with backed up DVD's bacause my wii will not allow it at all anyways. Now a friend has an older Wii and wants to softmod as well, doesn't care about the DVD's either, we are usb loaders all the way. Why should he NOT upgrade to 4.2 so we can do the softmod at the same time with the same guide and same software.

    They currently have 3.4u on there system.


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    If you want to upgrade to 4.2 thats definately your perogitive. It is a tad more difficult to MOD a 4.2 console and it eliminates any chance of installing BootMii is boot2 [on your buddy console that is, and only if it's possible to begin with]. Plus look at it this way, if you do two seperate guides, that gives you double the experience

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    because 4.2 will do nothing to improve the performance of the wii. it will only make softmodding more difficult. 4.1 is high enough to use preloader which is a good idea to have. the 3.1-4.1 softmod guide will instruct you how to do the 4.1 upgrade.

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    Thanks guys. I'll leave the one at 4.1 and I'll do my 4.2 unit as well using the two guides.


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