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Thread: v4.0e LEH2741

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    v4.0e LEH2741

    My son's wii is a v4.0e leh2741. I want to soft mod it but reading some of the threads it looks like it could be difficult because of the chip. Is this correct ? I have my own wii with the HBC installed working great. But just won't to know the best softmod s/w and way to do it... Or if someone could point me in the right direction !
    Cheers Bud

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    Right my friend ill help you out here as i have a Wii Serial LEH1851 running V4.0e and i followed this guide

    using a 4GB SDHC scandisk Sd card and i used the bannerbomb Exploit works like a charm
    i am also running a 500gb hard drive for all my games to run off so no disks

    Hope this helps

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    Cheers crash.. Just a quick one. Does this mean i have to use a h/d because it won't use dvdr's or is that just your prefrence. ?

    Cheers Bud

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    i personaly use Hdd cos i cant be bothered buyin the disks it has no down time loading on Hdd

    Hope i helped Budd

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    cheers crash thanks for the big heads up... Just took the plunge and working a treat.. Sh*tting myself though because it was my son,s xmas present straight out the box..

    Thanks again Bud

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    hay hope all goes well m8 i always Sh*t my self too when im doing any of it i just make sure i read read and re read and have it all straight im mah head before i go ahead


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