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Thread: can you run games off a HDD with wiikey?

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    can you run games off a HDD with wiikey?

    a friend of mine has a Wii she was given and it has a wiikey modchip in it

    now my first question is

    1. How do I find out what type of wiikey is installed in this wii???

    2. My wii is softmodded (no chips) and i run my games of a HDD can you run games from a HDD with a wiikey or are you only restricted to running games from DVD's?????

    any info would be much appreciated.

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    I doubt you can tell without opening it to be 100 percent certain, I could be wrong.

    As for running from USB, that has to be a softmod, the chip only allows DVD backups to be read, you need the softmod to run a USB program.

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    And any Wii can be softmodded, no exceptions (so far anyway).
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