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Thread: Please clarify about dop-ios and nusd

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    Please clarify about dop-ios and nusd

    From what I've read about dop-ios and nusd, I think that they download original Nintendo IOS's, and dop-ios also adds the ability to patch/trucha bug them. Is this correct?

    If dop-ios does patch them, does it also install the patched ios without any other steps needed to do or do I just install the patched ios?

    Any additional insight or tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks much.

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    DOP-IOS downloads the latest IOS from Nintendo's Servers, it then gives you the option to patch the Sig Hash Check (Trucha Bug) back and then installs it. DOP-IOS uses IOS249 (cIOS38-rev14) for installation so you'll need it.

    NUSDownloader is an app which allows you to download IOS, System Files (Channels, Wiiware and VC) from Nintendo's Update Server and allows you to package them into a wad which can later be installed WAD Manager.

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    All you ever wanted to know about Wii homebrew (except backups and cIOS)

    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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