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Thread: Bricked wii from downgrading..

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    Bricked wii from downgrading..

    hey, so i had a 4.0U wii.. i updated to 4.1U, and then cuz i wanted to virginize i downgraded to 3.2U.. now i power on, the dvd drive runs, and the screen stays black.. no bootmii as boot2 loaded (new version of wii), no backups.. any remedies available? thanks..

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    Is your serial number LU64 or higher? Also are you absolutely sure you don't have bootmii as boot2? If you do your dvd light will flash twice quickly when you hit power. If you don't it will only flash once. I doubt it's still in tact, but hold reset when you power on to see if you have preloader. Boot2 would be a very nice thing to have right about now...

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    it only flashes once.. and i had preloader but it doesnt show when i press reset. if i send it to nintendo.. how would they do the repair? software repair?

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    You won't have Preloader if you just downgraded to 3.2.

    You can try the savemiifrii GC trick but if you just downgraded a LU64+ Wii then it'll not work, nothing will.

    Nintendo could detect your softmod if they chose to analyse you Wii, but experience shows that they seldom do this, but rather just replace it with a refurbished model.
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    eh mine's a LU 37++ model, came with v4.0U.. is it savable? =/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tealc View Post
    You can try the savemiifrii GC trick
    Cross your fingers and give that a shot.


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