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Thread: New to the Whole Scene and would like some help.

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    New to the Whole Scene and would like some help.

    Hi, I'm new to this whole scene of modding. And I would like some help with my Wii.
    I recently bought a modded Wii in Korea, and I don't know what type of mod, or version I'm using.
    I've downloaded a few games, and burned them to a dvd, and they work perfectly fine. Except for the New Super Marios, and the Harvest moon games.
    All I can tell u from my Wii is that on the bottom corner is the program I use to load my games.
    It says softchip... or soft mod... I'm not sure... after clicking on it
    it brings me to a black screen with alot of gibberesh, such as ..
    config cannot be saved,
    press + to enter setup and stuff like that.
    Press B to load disc
    I would then usually press B to load the games.
    But recently with a couple of the new games... when I load
    it either brings me to a black, or green screen.. and that's it
    or a blue screen with error code 002, telling me to check my manual.
    can anyone help me? if you need I can post pictures from my Tv later.
    I am currently at work. thank you ^^

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    If you do not have an SD card i would suggest you get one. As for loading games it sounds as though softchip does not support 002 fix. Most other game loaders have a 002 fix available in their configuration setup. As for NSMB there is a guide on this site of how to get it working which will probably work for harvest moon as well.

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    Thaks for the fast reply.
    what kind of Sd card would I need?
    the really big ones? or the small ones for cameras?
    and also what would I need to use them for?
    but anywayz, I'll still go home take pics and post it up .. .
    Like I said I'm very new in this... so I don't know...
    thanks ^^

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    No need to go to big for the Sd card 2gig will suffice. All your homebrew applications and files will be stored and loaded off of it. Which is why you are getting "can not save config" for softchip it is trying to save to the SD card. You could get the one of the big ones many people run games off of them and use some of the space as a normal fat32 partition for HB files.


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