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Thread: Anyone have a devkitPPC API reference guide?

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    Anyone have a devkitPPC API reference guide?

    OK. So I get how to make the "Hello World" boot.dol file. What I'm interested in is some set of formalized (or not so formalized) documentation on the devkitPPC API (or DDK) set. I'm content thumbing through the header files and making a logical guess as to what the function does, but if I'm gonna poke around in my nand with anything useful, I'd like something more than an educated guess.

    Not gripe about the devkitPPC guys, there doing that for free, but I just figured with all the homebrew out there someone must have written an API reference guide by now.


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    This link may help you; devkitPPC - WiiBrew
    At the bottom it has developer tips..

    Also note that there is a Coders forum section here on Wiihacks if you would like to submit your work..

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    Found some...

    I found some 1.7.1 docs at libOGC: Main Page . It does document some headers, but is missing the following files:

    asndlib.h, debug.h, gcmodplay.h, gcutil.h, iso9660.h, mad.h, mp3player.h, network.h, ogcsys.h, samplerate.h, smb.h, zconf.h, zlib.h, bte/bd_addr.h, bte/bte.h, di/di.h, modplay/defines.h, modplay/freqtab.h, modplay/mixer.h, modplay/modplay.h, modplay/semitonetab.h, ogc/arqmgr.h, ogc/arqueue.h, ogc/cast.h, ogc/color.h, ogc/conf.h, ogc/consol.h, ogc/context.h, ogc/disc_io.h, ogc/es.h, ogc/gu.h, ogc/ios.h, ogc/ipc.h, ogc/isfs.h, ogc/libversion.h, ogc/lwp_config.h, ogc/lwp_heap.h, ogc/lwp_messages.h, ogc/lwp_mutex.h, ogc/lwp_objmgr.h, ogc/lwp_priority.h, ogc/lwp_queue.h, ogc/lwp_sema.h, ogc/lwp_stack.h, ogc/lwp_states.h, ogc/lwp_.h, eadq.h, ogc/lwp_.h, eads.h, ogc/lwp_tqdata.h, ogc/lwp_watchdog.h, ogc/lwp_wkspace.h, ogc/message.h, ogc/pad.h, ogc/si.h, ogc/stm.h, ogc/sys_state.h, ogc/texconv.h, ogc/tpl.h, ogc/usb.h, ogc/usbgecko.h, ogc/usbmouse.h, ogc/usbstorage.h, ogc/wiilaunch.h, ogc/machine/asm.h, ogc/machine/processor.h, ogc/machine/spinlock.h, sdcard/card_buf.h, sdcard/card_cmn.h, sdcard/card_io.h, sdcard/gcsd.h, sdcard/wiisd_io.h, wiikeyboard/keyboard.h, wiikeyboard/usbkeyboard.h, wiikeyboard/wsksymdef.h, wiiuse/wiiuse.h, wiiuse/wpad.h and of course fat.h from the lib-fat library.

    Any clue where the missing portions of documentation may be?



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