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Thread: USB Loader GX code dump after update

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    USB Loader GX code dump after update

    Ok, I will try to give as much info as possible, because I have read and tried so many things.
    My wii is a 3.2 soft modded with USB loader GX and tonight added coverflow.
    1st, around 10 days ago I updated USB loader in the update menu, no problem there games play ok and looks like it added some new features, 2 days ago I clicked to check for more updates and poof, a code hex dump! So I rebooted and tried it again, same. Rebooted and tried some games, they worked fine. Today I tried to add new games to my USB drive and when I choose to add and poof, code dump again.

    So here we are, after hrs of reading and changing settings, adding the coverflow channel, deleting the last game that was backed up, delete the files from the config and images folders to no avail!

    It clearly seems that the USB leader update corrupted some file but I can not seem to figure it out and at a loss!

    Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE. Coverflow is just making the system reboot!
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    Well, after reading and testing, I found one post about reformatting the drive for another problem. I guess I might try it for this?

    Is there a way to just copy all my games to the computer hard drive?
    I found I can save them one at a time in ISO format, but that take up a full 4.3 GB and lots of time per game!

    Any help or thoughts are appreciated.

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    Manually update usbloader gx to the latest version by placing the new .dol on your sd card using your pc. Something didn't fly with the current one you have.

    Downloads - usbloader-gui - Project Hosting on Google Code
    Wii 4.1u Softmod
    cIOS38rev14 / Hermes cIOS 222/223
    Priiloader 0.1r15
    Bootmii as IOS
    WiiFlow 1.1r25 (autoboot)
    Western Digital MyPassport Essential 320gb


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