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Thread: Wii Remotes Wont Work after Modchip Install

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    Wii Remotes Wont Work after Modchip Install

    I installed a D2Pro Chip into my wii using one of those neoflex
    FPC. I have a D2C chip on my drive without the pins cut . I can turn my wii on by the remote and press A to get to the wii menu but after that i dont get the little finger to point to the stuff to click on it . I can use the home button and the left and right arrow keys but cant do anything else . Whe i insert a disk it comes up what game it is in the top menu but dont have the little finger that follows the remote around . Anyone know what the problem could be . Going to take it back apart and check everything . Thanks!!

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    home works on rf

    pointy on ir

    so replug the sensor bar and reboot

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