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Thread: first time using wiishop. should i update?

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    Red face first time using wiishop. should i update?

    so my brand new wii is softmodded. i have everything the way i want it and im very excited! im also very thankful for this site and its members for all of their help.

    today i went to the wiishop channel for the very first time. but before i could do anything, it prompted me for a system update. is this safe for my modded wii? my wii is 4.0u.

    also, does anyone know if there are rockband 2 song tracks/packs available online, to download and add to a modded wii?


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    Use the Wii Shop and IOS61 Installer to safely install the latest Wii Shop Channel and IOS61. Download the app and put the folder containing the boot.dol into your app folder and run it through homebrew channel.

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    seems simple enough. thanks man! i pressed the Thanks button at that thread you provided the link for. oh.. do you, or does anyone know if there are rockband 2 songs/packs downloads out there? i cant seem to find any, which suggests there arent right now. but if im wrong, id appreciate a point in the right direction. thanks.


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