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Thread: A few questions..

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    Question A few questions..

    Actually, that was just to lure you in because, I have a LOT of questions-
    I've read like, four different tutorials and one of them was even idiot proof.
    Apparently I'm more of an idiot than the average one. Anyways, I'm trying to install a USB Loader. I don't care which one and I don't even care if I have the boxart stuff- I just want to backup (or whatever its called) games and play them from a USB HHD. I don't know what WAD Installer is. but I think I need it. The only thing I have is Homebrew. Someone please, please,please, give me instructions on how to do this. And links on where to download whatever I need because I have like 10000000000 different things downloaded on my computer and I have no idear what I'm doing with them. PRETTY PLEASE, list what I need and exactly how to do it. What I'm asking for is... like a mentally-challenged-proof guide, i guess.

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    But you definately need to follow a guide [from this site preferrably] to put cIOS38r14 [which is a must for backup loading] as well as installed all the IOSs that the games need to run. You can find both guides in my sig for your system menu.

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    No one is going to do this HURRY. The guides are simple enough that everyone can use them, if you can't follow them do not hack your Wii.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.


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