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Thread: Wiikey 2 Blackscreen Trouble

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    Wiikey 2 Blackscreen Trouble

    Hello I installed a Wiikey 2 [DMS chipset 3.1 Firmware].First game run was my region Wii Sports.All store bought games work fine, but all backups boot up in menu and when clicked on give me a black screen and remote shuts off.All backups are Verbatim-R using Imgburn at 2x speed.All backups work fine in my other modded Wii.My other Wii had a newer update so I tried to update this one [4.2u now] and I get same resaults.The only backup disk I can get to work is the Wiikey2 config disk.Any info on how to fix this without homebrew would be great.

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    Ok I am not really sure why your wii remote shuts off. Maybe someone else may have an answer there.

    In your Wiikey 2 config disc options, try setting 'Allow system upgrade' to USA

    If that doesn't work then I am not sure what your problem is.

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    I tried the config disk again [same as I did the other times] and it started working. But US versions only, because of 4.2 update........Thanks

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    No problem. Well at least US versions work. Will just have to wait for an update to play out of region games.

    I only play US versions, so its no issue for me.


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