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Thread: USB Loader Black Screens

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    USB Loader Black Screens

    Hi all, I'm having big troubles with trying to rip DVD games to USB then reload. On virtually all games I get a black screen (some minor exceptions). I've read through all the threads and tried everything on them without success. I've tried just about every loader going including USB Loader GX and uLoader. I've also tried CIOS version from 7 to 14 and I've tried reformating the USB (8GB stick) all with the same result...a black screen. :-(

    Please help if you can!


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    Just to add to this when I use the old USB Loader v1.1 or v1.5 I get an exception (DSI) error screen instead of the black screen.
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    i get the same problem on a 64gb kingston datatraveler usb stick. a black screen after the game loading through the settings. ive already got a 400gb external harddrive working fine on usb loader gx but this new usb stick just gets a black screen.

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    So you think it is the USB stick then? Thing is that it isn't all games as I've got one or 2 to work?

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    I am having the same problem i am using a Kingston 16gb the only game I can get to work is wii sports. Tiger woods pga tour 10 works untill it gets to the load screen and will just freeze. So do you think its the Flash Drive?


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