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Thread: I have a wiikey updated to 1.9s and 3.2u need help with ios!

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    Unhappy I have a wiikey updated to 1.9s and 3.2u need help with ios!

    Specs are in the title

    I have the hbc installed via twilight hack, with dop-ios... but nothing else has been done to the ios. I haven't updated anything since the 3.2u update came out (since I have been busy..)

    I have the Pokemon Rumble WAD that won't run. I assume its because I don't have the proper IOS?

    What IOS should I install for future/current games?

    also is there a way to get WAD running from an SDHC on 3.2u without updating?

    thank you in advance!!!!


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    For WADs you just have to DOP IOS 60, As far as IOSs there is a link in my sig for IOSs that games need to run [the most common are 33, 35, 53 and 55] for running VC WiiWare on your system menu look into this: although it does not support SDHC at this moment.

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    No there is no possible way for 3.1-3.4 use SDHC cards. The 4.0/4.1 update has install a new firmware that updates the SD slot so that it can read SDHC cards. The wii will sill have trouble reading some SDHC cards though seeing how it wasn't meant to be a SDHC card reading in the first place.
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