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Thread: Guitar Hero 5 (GH5) loads and I start playing and then "cannot read this disc" screen

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    Angry Guitar Hero 5 (GH5) loads and I start playing and then "cannot read this disc" screen

    Don't point me to the Guitar Hero 5 Guide located here:

    I tried unsuccessfully to install ios37 v3 multiple times and have not been able to do so. The other steps I have done. So please read the post fully before posting a response. Thanks all in advance!

    OK, as the title of the post says, I am able to get Guitar Hero 5 to play on my Wii via Disc Channel. Usually it hangs up after the initial GH5 cartoon loading screen. I get into the game, it reads my saved files, reads from the SD card and then starts to read from the disc and then goes to the blank screen. There have been times though that I was even able to start playing (played Bush comedown for about 1 minute) and then it would go to this screen. In fact I re-downloaded the songs I purchased from Guitar Hero World Tour through the Guitar Hero 5 game all without a problem. I even bought a new song (Beautiful People)!

    But it's hit or miss. Don't know what the problem is. I've got an early Wii with a Wiikey 1.9s (original Wiikey). Firmware is 4.2U and I've got HBC installed as well as Bootmii (boot2). I just installed cIOSCORP 3.5 without a hitch.

    I burned the game from Sunshine Team's iso onto Verbatim media at 4x. Burning and verification went fine. What's up?! I've searched and searched and haven't found anyone who's been able to get this far into the game and THEN it goes to the blank screen. What's the deal?!

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    my friend had the same problem the game would work fine on my softmod but not his. I'm using wifi and he was using a wired connection. IOS38 rev 13 would not install with a wired connetion. Try using a wifi connection to install IOS's and for playing the game.

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    Angry Still trying!

    Thanks for the reply. I'm working wirelessly too. However, I'm trying to install IOS37 v3 NOT IOS38 v13. I couldn't get IOS37 v3 to install. Plus, if I'm reading it right, cIOSCorp 3.5 installs both IOS37 v3612 with rev14 DIP + ES_Identify Patch + NAND Permissions Patch AND IOS38 v3610 with rev14 DIP. Am I missing something else? I'm still hoping.

    I've got an original disc of Band Hero that works (of course). I bought the whole package with a BestBuy giftcard I got when I returned my World Tour set that was busted. Anyway, the setlist for Band Hero is not for me. I'm considering trading it for GH5 but it's not for sale used anywhere yet.

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