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Thread: USB Loader question.

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    USB Loader question.

    I am wondering if it's possible to hook a pc and wii together via usb and run a usb loader. My WBFS formatted HDD is internal , i just extract the games I want to play at that time to a usb stick. What I'm wanting to do is try to load my WBFS formatted HDD by hooking pc to wii. Does any one know if this is possible? I would just try it but I need to get a usb cable with male-male ends so I wanted to find out if it would work prior to spending the money. Any help would be great thanks!

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    The HDD would need to be USB and you'd need to unplug it from your PC at the time.

    If you were thinking of plugging one end of the USB cable in the Wii and the other in your PC backpanel then that's isn't going to work without some PC software to talk to the Wii and route data from the Hard drive.
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    it's not realey worth the bother .it's much easier to get an external h/d and use that i am at the moment useing a black wii with usb-loader gx on 4.2e menu with no problems i have 175 games on it plus covers going to sd card and runs like a treat.
    usb lead only runs 3.5volts. max length of usb cable not to exceed 1.3 m.
    as it will lose power and there for loose of data.

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    You would need something called FlatMii for this to even be a possibility.


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