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Thread: i just got banned :(

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    i just got banned :(

    i made this thread:

    and when i just tried to login here, it said the it will never be lifted, because i was asking for NT? i assume this is ntorrents?
    if you read the thread, i never mentioned ntorrents, i'm sorry if it seemed that i was hinting that an ntorrents invite is what i wanted, but i wasn't. there are many sites out there, i don't know about every good resource out there, so i was offering some bcg referals to others if they would invite me to what they think is a good site for some games.
    this site has been so helpful to me, and i'm sorry if whoever banned me thought i was breaking the rules, but obviously, i wouldn't want to do something that would get me banned is there any chance of the ban getting lifted?
    thank you very much, zxczxc.

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    you seem to have conveniently forgotten about your post here:

    i quote:

    i have a bcg invite i am willing to trade for an ntorrents invite.
    any takers?
    you should also check the Rules at bcg, as they also prohibit public trading of their invites.
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    PWNT! lol, people should be more aware of the rules


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