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Thread: replacing neogamma

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    replacing neogamma


    i'm really new at using the HBC. I installed HBC, wadmanager 1.4 and neogamma r6 a few weeks ago, now i read that NSMB needs at least Neogamma R7 or R8. I want to replace it but i don't know how?

    How do i replace the neogamma with r7 or r8 (to play NSMB)?

    tnx in advance

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    If you want to install the r7 channel. Delete the Neogamma r6 channel then download and unzip the wad for neogamma r7 from here:
    NeoGamma R7-NGR7.rar

    Place it in your WAD folder that should be on the root of your sd card. Install it with WAD Manager.

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    thank you


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