wondering if anyone can help, i have wii 4.0 with neogamma r7 rev14. i was completely new to wii hacking a year ago and although i can do most things on it i am only following guides and have no idea how the wii actually operates.

this is my problem: my second wiimote works perfect if i turn on wii as 1up with it but if power goes when you leave for a few mins it will turn again on but will have no pointer on screen and only home button works. if i use my main wiimote it works all the time no matter what and if i try to play a 2 player game my second wiimote as second player pointer never work.

i hear there are ios for rockband things n stuff so does anyone know if there are ios to make my wiimote work or any other solution. thanks.

p.s this just started happening four days ago and the last thing i dl was wiird text codes from homebrew browser which works great for resident evil