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    Ca Help selecting chip

    First off the serial number of my Wii is ---------. I've checked the serial number to see whats inside my console. This is the information I was given from the Wii Serial Tracker site.

    Your Drive Chip is most likely GC2-D2B.

    Your Drive Pins are most likely cut.

    From what I have read this means before I do anything I will have to resolder the drive pins (which looks like a pain in the ass) before soldering the chip. After searching I've decided to go with the WiiKey chip. Looks like it has a lot of features and is used by many of the members. Now to my questions. In my area there are 2 vendors that provide Wii mods. One vendor is offering these kits ready to install yourself..

    WiiKey $10.00
    D2CKey, FlexPCB and TriWing $45.00
    D2CKey Soldered to a WiiClip and TriWing $60.00
    Wasabi 9-Wire and TriWing $70.00

    And another vendor is offering this..

    Wiikey - $50 Installed
    Wasabi - $80 (legs cut wii)
    Wasabi/Argon/D2Pro/D2C -$100 Installed

    Ignore the D2C because I have a D2B. Should I get the WiiKey for $10? sounds cheap? and the other vendor does the Wasabi chip alone for $80 if you have a legscut wii. Im wondering why he wont sell the WiiKey for a legs cut unit? maybe the Wasabi is an easier install? anymore help is appreciated so far i've been researching for a about 4 or 5 days and still can't find exactly everything I am looking for. Please guide me in the right direction and let me know what I'm facing on my journey Thanks guys.
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    47 the hell...are you finding these prices?! link link link!!! If you're serious, man I overpaid this week. All of that sounds WAY to cheap.

    Outside of that, I can't be of much help as I don't know much about the process with cut legs...sorry.

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    yup thats our pricing! as for wasabi or d2pro9 for legs cut...doesnt matter both work great


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