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Thread: Confused even more now

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    Confused even more now

    Earlier I posted the below thread and I checked back and it has been closed????. I have read the guides etc and understand some questions may be repeated and people may tire of the same old but I have no idea about modding and had mine done by a supplier. I do not have the 'skills' to be able to read through the many posts and try and find the one that may be suited to my question. All I am asking is if someone could give me an answer to my question. It will also make my son very happy. Thanks again.

    "Hi All,

    Glad I found this site as I have a problem with my modded Wii that is really frustrating me.

    I downloaded a Wii game and extracted it to an iso and then burnt it to a disc. Inserted it into the Wii and the initial screen came up for about 2 seconds and then went back to the menu. I have a sunkey solderless modchip Wii.

    I thought it was the disc and then made a few more 'coasters' with the same result. I then thought it might be the download or finally I did not get a modded Wii?.

    I do not know anything about modding....can someone please tell me an 'easy' way to get these discs to now play?. Thanks.

    PS - The modchip is supposed to be NTSC and PAL friendly and the game I was trying use was New Super Mario Bros PAL vesrsion"

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    yea that thread was probably closed based on the fact that if you need to softmod, you need to look in the guides section and find the guide that matches your system menu version. also there is a thread in the games section with over 1500 posts in it, about how to get that game to run. in other words, stumbling into those guides accidently is a good possibility if you look around the site. if you were to search or look through some of these threads it would be even faster

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    Softmod?...I thught it was already modded with the sunkey solderless hard mod?.

    Thanks anway.....getting a bit over my head, might have to resort to buying copies.


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    Sunkey lites dont have the ability to play the NSMB game. Its not an updatable chip either. It will never work with games with the new protection. Times are changin, and antipiracy from the big N is getting better. Only solution with this chip is to softmod. Try to search the forums for solutions. There are tutorials on here for that specific game


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