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Thread: Upgrade from 4.1E to 4.2E

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    Upgrade from 4.1E to 4.2E


    I know that there are tons of tutorials etc.. regarding this however.

    Im trying to find the best way to upgrade from 4.1E to 4.2E?
    As most of the guides cater for Virgin 4.2 Wii's.

    I have a hard modded wii

    I currently have everything setup and running as it should, external HDD, USB Loader, Homebrew etc...

    Although I cannot seem to update the HBC Channel, due to no IOS suitable that it can use?

    So In short im looking to be able to

    1. Keep USB Loader / Homebrew
    2. Run Super Mario / BBC iPlayer
    3. Update HBC

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    no need to upgrade, it does nothing to help your wii run games better, and will undo any softmod if you have done them. also in most cases takes away the ability to read games out of region for modchip. if you would have went to the guides section you would have seen a guide for 3.1-4.1 softmod. you need this to get that game to run. then you need to go to the games section and look at the thread in the sticky.

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    By going to 4.2 your asking for a world of hurt!!! There is a SAFE 4.2 updater that will keep all your homebrew intact and not upgrade your boot2 [if you have a boot2], but again YOUR ASKING FOR A WORLD OF HURT!!! lol. As far as the "no vulnerable IOS problem" your gonna have to check this out:

    NSMB your gonna have to look here:

    I don't know why i keep linking these EASILY found guides to people, I am just too nice I spose.


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