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Thread: New, lost and confused

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    New, lost and confused

    Hi All,

    Glad I found this site as I have a problem with my modded Wii that is really frustrating me.

    I downloaded a Wii game and extracted it to an iso and then burnt it to a disc. Inserted it into the Wii and the initial screen came up for about 2 seconds and then went back to the menu. I have a sunkey solderless modchip Wii.

    I thought it was the disc and then made a few more 'coasters' with the same result. I then thought it might be the download or finally I did not get a modded Wii?.

    I do not know anything about modding....can someone please tell me an 'easy' way to get these discs to now play?. Thanks.

    PS - The modchip is supposed to be NTSC and PAL friendly and the game I was trying use was New Super Mario Bros PAL vesrsion.
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