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Thread: NeoGamma help

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    NeoGamma help

    When I start NeoGamma, it says "Press A to confirm that you have an usb gecko in memory card slot 2." When I press A, a gecko icon appears in the bottom left corner, but that's it. Anyone know what's going on?

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    Yea it's trying to find a Gecko Card:USB Gecko - WiiBrew ifd you don't have one, it's not going to do anything.
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    Which version of NewGamma do you have?
    I have never seen anything about Gecko when using my NeoGamma. I have R8 Beta7.

    Edit: I should have clicked on the link s0ur's post. didn't know what the gecko card was. If you have a couple bucks burning a hole in your pocket go pick up a 2gig SD card. Much easier.
    That guide is very useful and has some links to usefull software like the WBFS Manager download.
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    I thought I just needed a backup copy of a game for NeoGamma.

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    I am not a pro. But I am pretty sure neogamma is used to load backups of games (.iso's) from a storage device. You can do USB, SD, DVD's. And I think there is one other storage option. The storage device also has to be formatted in WBFS. And the program to do that and the guide for it is in that link I posted earlier.

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    Is there an OS X version of WBFS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by god720 View Post
    Is there an OS X version of WBFS?
    That is a very good question. I will see if I can find anything on that.

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    It looks like this program will only work with a hard drive. Is there a tutorial somewhere to burn backups to DVDs and play them?

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    No you can do it with SD cards and USB sticks as well. I used it to format my 2gb SD card to WBFS.

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