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Thread: Softmodded Wii 4.2 freezes

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    Question Softmodded Wii 4.2 freezes

    Hey All,

    So i followed this guide -

    but my wii is giving me loads of freezing and sometimes doesnt startup unless i press reset button.

    I am thinking of re-doing the softmod using Messies guide..

    Which would be better? To restore my NAND backup made prior to the softmod? Or to remove everything (virgin my wii) and redo the hack??

    I also noticed that the guide above has more stuff to do than Messies guide - is all that required?? Any help will be great..


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    If you can restore to a point before softmod do that. Then use Messies guide at least his is straight forward and I do believe no one has bricked following it to the letter.

    Incidentally a link to both guides depending on your menu version are in my signature.

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    Great will do thanks for the info


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