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Thread: Just finished installing softmods have a quick question

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    Just finished installing softmods have a quick question

    I used this guide

    On step 1 D) it says to install bootmii as boot2 if you can, if not install as an ios.

    I didn't have the option to install as boot2, why is that? Also on step 2 at the bottom it says "It is not recommended to restore your NAND if you have Bootmii installed as an IOS."

    Does this mean that I can't use the 99% method for unbricking? I backed up the Nand, but from what i read I shouldn't restore it, does this mean it won't work for me since I had to install as an IOS?

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    boot2 is just a part of the boot area that was vulnerable at one point in time. Now it's called boot2v4 and with an upgrade to 4.2 it will change your boot2 to boot2v4 now. It isn't recommended to restore a NAND with BootMii as an IOS but I have done it many times with no problems. Since you can only get to BootMii through HBC when installed as an IOS you will need Preloader installed as well, in the case you do brick preloader will still boot and then you can access the HBC to get into BootMii.

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    thanks sour


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