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Thread: iso torrent to hdd to wii

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    Red face iso torrent to hdd to wii

    ok, got USB Loader GX and the manager installed. i went and backed up all my game dvds worked great. now i have a few games i downloaded off a torrent site. have my hdd formatted with fat32, ntsf and wbsf. how do i transfer the files from ntfs to wbsf. the manager will only let me open wbsf. is there something i'm missing here, i wouldn't think you would have to burn everything to dvd first do you ? please point me in right direction, thank you

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    WBFS must be the first partition and active, you then need to use WBFS Manager to transfer the ISOs over to the WBFS partition.

    Here is something you may want to have a look at:
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    i forgot to install game from disk 1st time, after that it picked up everything on my ntfs drive, thanks for the help


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