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Thread: update 73412?? may make your wii inoperable??

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    update 73412?? may make your wii inoperable??

    is this true can this kill my wii literally? i have mine softmodded but i had a issue with the console and they want me to update the firmware of course before helping. now my firmware is already 4.2u so is there a newer firmware yet? or what is this update?

    what is the safest way to remove homebrew then update then i can reinstall correct??

    the message says this may make my wii inoperable i mean can it do this really? i just thought it may make the wii homebrew go away then i can reinstall it?? someone please let me know thanks

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    It is a standard disclaimer that the big N puts on there update. Yes it can kill your wii as with any modification to the operating system. In my signature there is link to softmodding your Wii with version 4.2. At this time there is no known menu higher than 4.2. If you try to update it may not do anything as you are currently at 4.2 it may simply check, confirm then stop.


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