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Thread: Need help in the process of modding wii, may have made a mistake

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    Need help!!! in the process of modding wii, may have made a mistake

    I am using this guide

    I am on step 3 get a cios
    I did step A
    On step B I ran teucha bug restorer again and selected to load iso15, I let it load and I pushed 1 to continue and it wnet back to the homebrew channel. I did not see this part:

    "then select the IOS36 menu & install patched (select 'yes' on all 3 patches) IOS36 to slot 36, again using IOS from SD card."

    I got to about 1:15 on the youtube video and like I said I did part A and when it came to part B i had it load iso15 and I pushed a to load it and it won't continue and like I said it went back to the homebrew channel.

    I am sitting here staring at homebrew channel right now and don't know if I should run truchabug restorer again. What should I do?

    Edit 1: I may have pushed a button that brings it back to the homebrew channel without installing. Is there anyway I can confirm whether I need to do part A on step 3 again?

    Edit 2: I am on system 4.1u and when I installed the bootmii i only had the option to do as an iso not a boot2.
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    I think I figured it out, I must have accidently pushed another button besides pushing the "1" button. that is why it went back to the menu.


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