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Thread: USB loader no partitions found

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    USB loader no partitions found

    ive been using usb loader for a few days now and everything was fine until today. i went to run brawl from my flash drive and it said i needed to format to WBFS, so i went ahead and tried but it said ERROR: No partitions found! (ret = -6). The weird thing is that this worked yesterday. I tried formatting to fat32 then to WBFS again but no luck. The only thing I did to my Wii was upgrade my cIOS and I even put it back to the old one too see if that would change anything but it didn't. I read a few topics most of which were saying the problem was that the drive was not compatible but mine obviously is cause it worked like a charm before. Please help.


    I just formatted it to WBFS using WBFS manager and it worked, I updated back to cIOS r14 and then it didn't work again. So it's an issue with r14 and seems to run fine on r10. The only problem is I need neogamma and it doesn't work on r10. GAH
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    Are you talking about USB Loader GX? and you say it's not working with r14? Thats wierd cause i use it everyday and I am running with r14. Odd........ I have heard of SSBB not working on r14 though [even though I run it fine on r14] so I dunno, still an odd thing.......

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    actually i was using sd/usb loader 1.5 but now im using usb loader gx and everything works


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