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Thread: How to uninstall backup launcher 0.3 gamma

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    How to uninstall backup launcher 0.3 gamma

    I help a few of my family members with there wii. I recently changed my system from the twilight hack to Dogeggs 3.1-4.1 Softmod. Everything works great but some of the people are old and not technologically literate. I fear that if I leave both backup launcher .3 & Neogamma R8 beta 7 on their system they will have problems. Thus I would like to uninstall .3 gamma. Any help would be appreciated

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    Just delete it from the channels in memory mangment. If that does not work, get the ticket name and use anytitle deleter to delete it.

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    Thanks Hero that was as easy as can be.

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    or if you have the wad still on your sd card, you can delete it by seletcting the wad in wad manager, then using - or a similiar key and the manager will delete it off the wii


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