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    New Games

    I had a guy mod my wii about a year ago. I dl and played many games. Around the time punchout came out I could not get punchout to work or any games after that to work. I since then had a baby and was out of the scene for a while. I am looking to get back into it and would like to dl and play games ago. I have the Homebrew channell: it says on it 1.0.1 HB Ios36 v4.18. My wii system menu is ver 3.3u. Please advice on what I will need to do to be able to dl and play the new games.
    Thanks in advance

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    i believe since you have a cios you can just update it by installing a newer one and move on through the rest of this guide.

    should be able to start at step 3 part d. when you get to the update part i would also do that and go to 4.1 so you can use preloader.


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