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Thread: Homebrew is upside down

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    Talking Homebrew is upside down

    Hi guys, I have a wii at 3.1. I just followed Dogeggs New 3.1-4.1 softmod on any wii. When I downgraded to IOS15 the screen on the Homebrew channel fliped upside down. I figured it would flip back when I was done but it didn't. I went through the whole tut again and the homebrew channel is still upside down. Everything eles is fine. Just the homebrew channel. This noob could sure use some help. Thanks, BB

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    did you install cioscorp too?

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    samething happen to me. Doesn't seem to effect anything tho

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    i did just uninstall and reinstall it and all is back to normal

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    Thanks Brightgreen i will try that.

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    rofl @ that pic.


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