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Thread: A Plethora of Weird Occurences

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    Question A Plethora of Weird Occurences

    Supp guys,

    Just softmodded my Wii recently and have a few questions maybe you could help with.

    First of all I have:

    Launch Wii
    4.2U Sys Menu
    cIOS rev14
    Have Hermes 222/223 installed (for uloader 3.0)

    Okay so I'm having some mixed results here. I can run disc backups just fine through Neo Gamma r7 & r8, and can run them through Uloader.

    But I cannot run disc backups through Gecko OS 1.9.3 (Disc Read Error), or Softchip (DI_READID). But Gecko OS WILL launch legit Wii games. Softchip will only "launch" legit games but freezes at a green screen without displaying anything.

    I am also not able to launch Metroid Prime 3 through Neo Gamma (disc error turn off console), but Uloader will launch it just fine.

    Neo Gamma also will not reboot with hooks giving a "Error Loading System Menu"...but Gecko OS will reboot with hooks just fine.

    My last problem I run into is that when rebooted with hooks...Metroid Prime 3 shows a Must Update Message before allowing me to launch the game in the Disc Channel. I was under the impression that 4.2U wouldn't need to be updated for a while. That's as high as they went right now.

    I know these are strange problems, but any and all help would be very appreciated.


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    gecko is for retail disks, i think softchip has something to do with cioscorp. metroid 3 needs special steps to play, look for a guide in our games section.


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