I live in China and I recently bought a Wii...... Unfortunately the only Wii available to me was a Japanese console. I am sure it is modded because it plays backup games.

I know that I cannot change the console so that I can see the menus in English (I hope someone smarter than me fixes that soon). My problem is games........

I can get just about any game that I want here, but sometimes I cannot get the games I want in English(Mario Kart). I have a guy that I talk to that gets me games at a slightly inflated price the only stipulation is that the games MUST be in English. He takes back games that are not in English, which is great but it does not solve my biggest problem. I WANT THE GAMES IN ENGLISH.

Now, this is where your help comes in. I have heard that there are games that have dual language on them. I have also heard that if they have dual language they will display the language of the console that they are played on. So.....if you play them on a Japanese console they will play in Japanese. If you play them on an American console they will play in English. I want to know if anyone knows if this is true. Do games like this exist? If they do exist, does anyone know which games have this problem(I mean feature)? If they do exist and they have this problem, is there any way to make my Japanese Wii play them in English?

The games that I have that I was "assured" are English versions are but play in Japanese:

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles
Trauma Center: New Blood
Mario Kart............ ........(So sad)
My Sims

While searching I found a guy that had a Japanese console that he took back to the states. he said that he purchased a legitimate copy of Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and when he got it home it played in Japanese. This happened even though the game was a "100% legitimate" American version of the game.

I guess I just want to know if anyone on here knows anything of this. If I just need to keep looking for the English versions of these games, or if I am SOL and I need to learn Japanese.

Thanks for your help.