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Thread: Help with E74

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    Help with E74

    Well a few days ago I picked up an xbox with E74 from a bud who gave it to me
    paid some dude 40bucks to fix it and then it broke again 4days later
    got it fixed again since the guy gave me a 30 day warranty on the repair
    plus he said he was sorry for the troubles and modded the stock fans to 12v

    I just wanna know what causes E74 and in what ways can it be fixed?

    Currently 4.1u(from 3.3u using waninkoko's updater) LU61 wii with D3-2 drive >_< 80GB WD Passport HDD
    Neogamma R8 B7 for testing , dont use it much
    USB loader GX r838
    BootMii as IOS (backup of NAND on PC)
    Preloader 0.29 system menu v449
    System IOS v60 cIOS 38 Rev 14

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    Hi there,

    Well first of all, the xbox 360 is known to have overheating issues. when the box overheats, the motherboards warps, causing some of the solder joints to crack.
    There are tons of ways to fix it temporarily. ussually a week or so.
    If you want it to last longer you should go for a fix which involves a reflow of the solder joints.
    Mine also had e74, after reflow it is still going strong for 2 months(knock on wood).


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