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Thread: usb loader gx and wiiflow wont load games

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    usb loader gx and wiiflow wont load games

    new to the usb loading way, but done my western digital passport 320gb
    3gb fat and 295gb wbfs.

    problem is when i go to load a game from either GX or wiiflow screen goes blank, I can see the games on the screen in the loaders gui's, i can go through all the options and settings but soon as i click to load/play game.........nothing happens, game don't load.

    002 fix is on

    strange thing is i can play them from the usb hd via Neogamma R8 beta 12.

    any suggestions



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    WBFS has to be first and active, also what USB port are you using, you have to use the outermost port.

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    had fat as active, wii is laid flat, using bottom usb port.
    will try again with active wbfs as first and active.

    ...............gave it a try but its just the same
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