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Thread: Playing PAL VC Games on NTSC Wii

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    Playing PAL VC Games on NTSC Wii

    Ok, I recently used the Twilight Princess hack and installed Donkey Kong Country (the VC version) onto my Wii. I recently acquired an archive full of WADs, but they're the PAL versions of games. Would I be able to install these games without bricking my system? A speedy reply would be nice, thanks guys!

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    Nope, can't be done, just tried it. System isn't bricked though, thank god.

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    What a shame, there are a ton of PAL games out there...hmm, I wonder if this is in the works. Thanks for reporting your tests!

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    Yea I really hope there is. I know that you can use a program called Freethewads to make 64 games region free for the VC, but it doesn't work for SNES or NES, which is all I want it for.


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