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Thread: USB problem and GeeXbox problem

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    USB problem and GeeXbox problem

    I just hacked my wii yesterday and installed both GeeXbox and Mplayer CE Xmas edition, but I got some problems:

    1, It looks like only one USB port is working. I have USB HDD and an USB drive, they all work fine on that one USB port, but did not get recognized by the other USB port. This is also true when I use USB loader to run games. So looks like it is not the problem of the player, could that be the case that I got a wii with one bad USB port?

    2, For the GeeXbox, it can only find the SD card, it could not find the USB HDD (Mplayer can find the HDD, so this is definitely the GeeXbox problem). When I select open file, there is only one option - frontSD, nothing else.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion

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    nobody know this problem?
    I did a search but found nothing

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    homebrew doesnt recognize the 2nd usb. It is reserved for usb support in games


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