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Thread: Modding the Xbox 360

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    Modding the Xbox 360

    Hey, if you have a modded Xbox360 I got a few questions.

    How risky is it on Xbox Live?

    Can you pretty much play all games and on Xbox Live?

    What are the disadvantages?

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    So far they have not been banning anyone who plays on the live network with a modded box. Though, I believe they may have the ability to do so, they are just not doing it yet.... I believe what worries me and others is if there will be any issues after firmware updates and such...

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    Well I'm in contact with a reliable modder nearby and he says reflashing to newest firmware will cost $10. He mods in front of you takes like 15 minutes or so costs $40. He says there are no disadvantage so far in modding, and works fine on xbox live.

    Just want to talk to someone who actually has it modded and how it is so far. Do you have it modded Jumper?

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    This is true, I don't mind using a modded xbox on live and all.... one thing is that if they ban you, you need to buy a new xbox to play on live again.... although i'm thinking of taking the risk... they say the mods are pretty stealthy...

    Let me know if you get it.. i found a guy here for $40 as well...

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    Sure, btw do you know if you need a special dvd-drive to burn the games?

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    I *believe* all you need is a dvd writer capable of dual-layer and dual layer blanks...

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    actually i just asked the dude

    he said if your xbox360 is the hitachi drive you'll need "one with bitsetting support like pioneer 111d or lite on or LG"

    I actually have an LG he says most LG works just have to try it

    but usually they are cheap
    111d is like $40
    and lite on is $35?~

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    I have the LG drive that was single layer but firmware hack upgradeable to dual layer, i believe LG 451s or something... i remember there was a bit setting tool i used... so i think it may work..

    I have the Hitachi drive....

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    how do you tell if you have dual layer or something? is it the +- thing

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    The +/- is the type of format it supports, just like how there is the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray thing right now....they usually support both.... what model is your burner im sure we can figure it out from that...

    Go to my computer --> system --> device manager and find the dvdrw model

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